“Why social media is not a waste of time for marketers”

Recently I seen a number of videos online from a Marketing professor, challenging the method and its overall effectiveness within the marketing mix. So I have decided to challenge that statement, by analysing and presenting exactly why it can be useful for some brands. Firstly, social media marketing is using social media sites such as … More “Why social media is not a waste of time for marketers”


The internet of things (IOT), is becoming one of the innovative and interesting topics in recent years. Creating great discussion around this crazy technology advancement. Which isn’t surprising due to its ability to have some sort of impact on every single person within the near future. IOT is the ability to be able to connect … More THE FUTURE OF THE IOT

The Ever Growing Mobile Marketing Revolution

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing activity, which aims to have a constant connection with a target consumer through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. When you think about it and put it in to context, this is happening everywhere right now. Think about it, apart from workplaces or professional settings there … More The Ever Growing Mobile Marketing Revolution

Whose Influencing Who?

Moving on from last week’s blog where we looked at social media marketing and an insight into the impacts it can have on businesses. This week we dive a little deeper into a more specific part of social media marketing, looking at the impacts of a growing trend which is celebrity endorsers. As consumers look … More Whose Influencing Who?